Clinebell S-60 Snow Cone Block Maker

60 10-lb. blocks of ice are produced each day.


60 bags can be filled with water and loaded into the cabinet in 25 minutes or less, by one person. 60 10-lb blocks of ice are produced each day using one 1-1/2hp condensing unit. The cabinet is designed for remote installation. The bag fill device is available as an accessory.

-Lets you freeze blocks in polyethylene bags
-No glycol solution
-No circulating pump
-No ice cans needed
-No messy harvest tank or defrosting
-Bags are hard frozen when taken to the freezer
-A hard frozen block of ice isn't likely to "blow up" in the ice shaver
-Cabinet is constructed of galvanized steel
-Block dimensions: 5-1/2"w, 5-1/2"d, 10"h -The 5-1/2" square block of ice fits in most snow cone ice shavers

Cabinet dimesions = 40.5"D x 80.5"W x 37"H
Requires one 1-1/2 HP condensing unit - 220V/1/60 to pull 60 blocks once per day, under most circumstances
Cabinet weight: 750 lbs.